Detective Conan cosplay world of mudslides, the best anesthesia needles!

Detective Conan cosplay world of mudslides

Cosplay is simply to use clothing, make-up, etc. to imitate some of the characters in the game. In terms of living standards, cosplay has become a fashion, but there are some unique cosplays. It is like a “debris flow” on the exhibition.

Detective Conan cosplay world of mudslides

Gin and vodka are the core figures of the black organization, and they are the most influential villains. The two of them run through all the main lines of the famous Ke, and the initial annoyance has become the distress of the present, especially the gin, the people around. It’s not undercover, or it’s just out of the organization. Is this cos plus scenes familiar to everyone? This is the first time they’ve made a roller coaster ride, so it’s all right!

Detective Conan cosplay world of mudslides

At the latest, the popular but not the protagonist of Amuro, he attracted a lot of fans when he appeared, An room is handsome, reasoning ability and will cook a girl, no one should not like it, cos his people There are also countless, but there will inevitably be some low-cost, this clothing is not bad, it is the difference between temperament and appearance.

Conan’s must-have artifact-watch anesthesia gun is also one of the necessary artifacts for Conan to solve the problem. It is surprising that someone actually imitated the “anesthesia needle”! You didn’t misread the anesthesia needle. I really doubt that this person is Maori Kogoro, because Kogoro was shot by Conan for a few hundred needles.

Xiaohei, the shadow of childhood, Xiaohe has always been a suspense in the name of Ke, every time he appeared, there is a case that is happening. Xiaohe is sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes an adult, sometimes It was a child, but every time he appeared, he would leak out that kind of evil smile. Over time, he became a “group pet” for everyone, and more like it than fear.

Detective Conan cosplay world of mudslides

It is said that Xiaohei is the core figure of the whole story of “Detective Conan”. The plot can have no protagonist, but there must be no blacks. This little black cos is completely restored, but it looks like it, but take a closer look. If you find a clue, the original cos protagonist is two small fish, I really want to send them a trophy.

Detective Conan cosplay world of mudslides, this is to use life to imitate, imitate what is the case of anesthesia needle, Xiao Hei is the best in the audience! Well, little friends, if you have any soul cos, welcome friends to comment on the message.

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