Spider-Man familiar face, new costume mysterious new character, what it might mean

Spiderman costume
Spiderman costume

Sony earlier released the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far from Home this summer, which provided the first real glimpse of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also shows the film itself very well, and it is surrounded by Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his classmates on European summer tours such as Venice and London. Although Peter plans to leave Spider-Man at home for this trip, there is another idea for an unexpected guest star. Considering the secret of the movie before the “Avengers: Final Battle”, this is a considerable amount of information that needs to be confirmed in a two and a half minute preview. Fortunately, this teasing also provides some information.

Mei Lan has learned that Peter is a spiderman.

Spiderman costume

Effectively solved Spider-Man: the jerking cliff at the end of the trip, this trailer began to work with Marissa Tomei to provide benefits for the homeless shelter. The guest was Spider-Man, and the two exchanged congratulations and hugs after the event. Obviously, May can live with Peter’s Spider-Man.

In the movie, Aunt Mei clearly knows Peter’s secret ideas and new reasons. The previous cycle was consistent with her skeptical thoughts, but seeing her actively using Spider-Man celebrities was a pleasant and radical concept. Of course, Mei’s understanding of Spider-Man’s relationship with Peter is different in other media. In the recent Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, May tells Peter that she always knows; this shift in suggestive characters will become more permanent in various Spider-Man sites. This makes sense. For people in the laundry, it is difficult to keep secret.

Oh, hey, Nick Fury!

Spiderman costume

It was confirmed last summer that Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson)’s appearance in the trailer was still surprising. Here, he served as Spidey’s Bond M – especially the two of them on a motorboat – this is the first show in the 2012 Ultimate Spider-Man animation series. Putting Peter under his control, Fury directed him to participate in an important part of the series. In Homecoming, Tony Stark (Little Robert Downey) took over the role of the mentor because after the American captain: Winter Warrior incident, Fury was still playing dead (he didn’t expect him to appear in the Avengers League) Medium: The era of Ao Chuang) has a fully functional helicopter). But since SHIELD is still a rogue agency, it is unclear whether Foley and Cobie Smulders have recovered from Endgame or set off on their own. Remember when she found a job at Stark Industries? This seems to have never really been taken.

Also, considering that the two became dust in the Avengers: End of the Infinity War, we will assume a very positive Endgame result. Of course, Marvel Studios is open to the late end of the film on the timeline, unless “away from home” is actually set before the infinite war.


Spiderman costume

After a long bench, Mysterio finally made his debut in the form of actor Jake Gyllenhaal. And, it seems that this character will return to his roots by creating a false threat. In his first story, “Amazing Spider-Man #13,” special effects Quebec Baker used gas to block Peter’s sense of spiders and designed a way to offset his webbing. He also fell into Spider-Man for bank robbery. He will continue to use his gifts to create a fantasy to stop Spider-Man, his friends, and even May Aunt. And away from home, Peter seems to face the monster – known as the element in Marvel comics – will become Mysterio’s creation. Considering that the only line in his trailer is “You don’t want any part”, then the shot of his battle with the monster, we guess Mysterio plans to position itself as a fake hero to divert attention from his real plan.

And, you know, building Spider-Man may still be part of the plan. He is framed at least three times a year.

New spider suit

Spiderman costume

If Peter didn’t get a new spider suit, it wouldn’t be a Spider-Man movie. The black, armor padding glimpsed in the trailer echoes the appearance of Spider-Man Noir in the comic book of the same name (and the inspiration of the character in “Spider-Man: Entering Spider-Man”), although it also appeared with Spider-Man for the first time. The “dark” suit in the dead waiter has some similarities. For incredible plots, this suit came into being, because Peter talked to Mephisto, which wiped out Peter’s memory of Mary Jane Watson’s marriage (a Very Very long story). The filler also recalls the early armor suits of the 1990s. Spider-Man has been wearing a lot of suits for years, which means that the feature film has a lot of freedom in the appearance of Spider-Man.

In addition, it seems that his Stark Industries package has also been upgraded. It looks black and red, and the red color is darker than before. It looks great in the movie, and we will assume that it replaces the one he might lose in Endgame. You know, once he comes back from nothing.

My aunt is very happy

(Jon Favreau) played twice in the trailer. At the last moment, he seems to be giving Peter some warm talk about saving his friends. But there are many early moments. On the one hand, he is flirting with Mei Yi. Of course, almost all men in the MCU will flirt with her at some point; this is a constant joke of Homecoming. But the current stupidity masks the underlying key details.

Spiderman costume

Just before the flirting began, Happy walked into the kitchen of the homeless shelter and received a $500,000 novelty check from Synchronized Bank – a real-world Marvel credit card supplier – signed by Pepper Potts. During the inspection, she was listed as the co-founder and chairman of the Stark Relief Foundation. Although the organization has been part of the MCU since the Battle of New York (mentioned in the Avengers: Age of Ultron and Homecoming), Happy The appearance and the big signature of the pepper all point to a strange absence in Peter’s world. Where is Tony Stark?

This issue makes the trailer – and any trailers that may appear in the Avengers: Endgame’s April 26 release – in an unstable place. If Tony sacrifices himself for the universe in Endgame, Peter will feel the loss and may quote it somewhere away from home. However, the joy of this first trailer – the feeling of fortunes is around this possibility. It also shows that the Endgame time jump in rumors may not happen. Of course, unless you set it away from home before the infinite war. But this trailer also shows a world that is still rebuilding after “The Snap”, and everything that happens in Endgame. So for those who look too close, maybe Tony’s absence is just a trick. Or it may be a clue.See more superhero cosplay cotumes now! Click HERE cossuits.com to see more.

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